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1. Where can i track my shipment?

You can enter your tracking number on our website, or you can log into Sendy customer portal, under shipment list section to track your shipments.


2. Am i still be able to track without any tracking number?

Please call our customer service and provide your phone number, for us to check your parcel accordingly.


3. How should i proceed if a parcel's status is pending while the tracking information is stated delivered?

Please contact our customer service staff to assist you.


4. What are the possibilities that my shipment will be on hold?

a. If your parcel weight is not the same as declared.

b. If receiver is not able to receive the parcel.

c. If receiver request to update the delivery address.

d. If receiver request to reschedule the delivery dates


5. How do i know whether my parcel has been succesfully delivered?

We will update the tracking status to delivered, as well as proof of delivery such as location, parcel image, and signature.


6. Will Sendy open and check my parcel before dispatching?

We have the permission to check the content of your parcel, if we found that the content of parcel is violating rules and regulations of delivery, otherwise we will not require to check.


7. Am i able to see and track the live location of my shipments?

You can enter your tracking number on our website, or you can log into Sendy customer portal to track your shipments locations.


8. Where to find tracking number?

You can find your tracking number by log in to your account under shipment list section.


9. Is it necessary to register account for tracking purpose?

By providing phone number to customer service, they are able to track your parcel accordingly. However, it is more convenience for you to track your shipments if you register an account with us.