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1. What are the options of paymets?

For the options of payments, please refer to this article for more information: https://www.sendy.com.my/en/articles/general-enquiry/payment-information


2. What is Sendy Wallet?

Sendy Wallet is a form of e-wallet that allow you to make payment quickly.


3. If my shipments has been cancelled will i refunded?

It depends on situation. If the parcels already on the way or reach the receiver house, we will charge you accordingly. However, if the parcel is unprocess at the time of shipment cancel, it can be refund.


4. What are the payment methods for Sendy' s wallet?

  • Bank transfer
  • FPX instant transfer
  • E-Wallet
  • Visa and Master Card


5. Will there be any extra charges if my parcel is different from the declare weight?

It depends on whether your parcel is overweight. If the parcel is overweight, sender will required to pay the additional charges in order to proceed delivery.


6. What are the possibilities of my payment being cancelled?

Your payment will be cancelled if we didn't receive the payment.


7. What is the duration needed for manual bank transfer to be verified?

Depends on the processing speed of the origin banks. Normally, it will take 24 hours to verified your payment.

If more than 24 hours please contact our customer service to assist you further.


8. Are receipt or invoices provided once the shipment has been successfully paid?

For every parcel delivery, we will provide invoice to you. For every transactions, we will provide receipt.