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1. How can i use Sendy courier services?

You can walk in to our stores or log in to website to start using Sendy services.


2. Can i change the receivers address when the parcel has been dispatched?

Yes, but you need to contact our customer services staff to assist further.


3. How do i know if my order is succesfully complete?

You can view and check your order at the customers portal under shipment lists.


4. What are consignment notes?

Consigment note is a paper note that provide information about a shipment. The information contains shipper and receiver information, parcel weight and etc.


5. Is my signature required when i received my parcel?

Yes, it is required.


6. How long will the parcel arrive?

  • For cities, 1 to 2 working days.
  • For outskirt cities, 2 to 3 working days.


7. Can i create multiple shipments at once?



8. Where can i arrange for Sendy's pick up services?

You can log in to our customer portal, under new shipment section to book Sendy pick up services.


9. How should i proceed if Sendy has failed to pick up my parcel?

You should call Sendy customer services to assist further.


10. What is the time frame that i can arrage for a pick up?

  • Arrange before 12pm, we will pick up before 6pm at the same business day.
  • Arrange after 12pm, we will pick up before 6pm at the next business day.


11. How will i know if my parcel is on hold?

You will received notification on your WhatsApp, or we will call and inform you.


12. Can i return the parcel to the sender?

You should contact sender to discuss. 


13. What if the receiver don't want accept the parcel?

The parcel will be returned to our warehouse and we will contact you.


14. Can someone else accept my parcel on me behalf?

Yes, but you need to inform driver or customer service staffs first, to make sure there is no problem.


15. How can i cancel my parcel delivery?

You can log in to our customer portal under shipment list to cancel your delivery.


16. What kind of items Sendy consider as illegal, harzaradous and dangerous?

Please refer to this article: https://www.sendy.com.my/en/articles/general-enquiry/dangerous-goods.


17. Are there any capacity constraints?

  • For carton; 20KG for small carton, 30KG for medium carton and 40KG for large carton.
  • For pallet; the maximum weight is 500KG.


18. How should i proceed on when i received damaged or wrong parcel?

You should report to us via email [email protected] within 24 to 48 hours.


19. Do i have to pack my parcel by myself?

Yes, or you can hand over parcel to our counter, for us to pack with additional charges apply.