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1. Will there be compensation if my parcel is damaged?

The compensation amount is depends on whether you have purchase insurance. If you didn't purchase insurance, depends on the value of goods and the maximum amount is up to RM250 only. For high value goods, we advise you to purchase insurance, to protect you in the event of parcel missing. 


2. What is the time frame for me to claim?

The time frame to claim is depends on different situation:

a. Once you received the parcel, if any missing goods on the parcel. Please report to us within 24 hours via email or contact our customer service.

b. In the event of the parcel is not delivered more than 14 days. Please report to our customer services within 48 hours. Once the report made, we will take 5 working days for us to investigate and proceed compensation. Fail for provide information such as good value and invoice will result unsuccessful application.


3. What are the required documents one has to prepare to claim?

a. Receiver has to prepare parcel photo and proof of purchase, if he found goods missing in the parcel.

b. Receiver has to prepare parcel photo and proof of purchase, if parcel is not delivered more than 14 days.


4. How to submit claims?

Sender can submit the compensation application through email [email protected]. If you are the receiver of goods, please inform sender to submit the application.


5. Is there any goods that Sendy does not compensate if damaged?

Sendy compensation policy don’t cover fragile goods, if the fragile goods break down in the process of transfer, it is not cover under compensation agreements.


6. What is the form of compensation?

The compensation will be in bank transfer to the sender. Receiver will required to contact sender for the further assistance.